FREEST, summer 2014.

“Bootswerft Freest” is an old revitalised shipyard in the north-east of Germany. In June 2014 we, a group of artists and designer had the pleasure to spend there some days and learn some basics about wooden ship building.


After the owner Kerstin Dubs provided us a deeper insight into historical ship building, we asked ourselves, what other goods could be produced with these traditional methods?
The shipyard owner is always looking for opportunities to extend her business model. Beside her daily business she has almost no time to think about how to use the existing potential of the shipyard (unique place, expert knowledge, experience, employees) for economic activities. With our project we just wanted to show a simple example, which came to our mind when we played with damping and bending wood, what else could be produced with these facilities. But we had some other limitations for the project.

So our specification sheet included following points:
– Realizeable in 72-hours with two persons
– Using the ressources of the shipyard
– Showing the potentials of the shipyard in a simple example
– Something which is possible to expose


Collaboration / Veit Penzenstadler / Thede Müller-Jakobs