MOBYFIX, winter 2013/14

While we analysed the topic floodwater we realised soon, that there is a lack of public help during an emergency, because of a very limited capacity. So the private citizen is forced to protect their home themselves. Therefor we analysed the market and the existing protection systems. For private use there are just expensive and fixed systems. Mobile systems exist only for professional use, for example by firefighters, because they are to heavy or big. With MobyFix we want to offer an alternative for private protection, which is very easy to install and needs very less space for the storage.


Flood water should already be stopped bevor it reaches the building‘s outer wall to reduce the damage. Usually, the flood threat comes only from one or two sides of the building, therefore we decided to calculate with a length of 40 meters for our system to be able to protect an average single family home. The target group „private person“ is very diversified due to different vitality conditions. During our research we found a lot of viable flood protection products, but no existing solution fitted the needs of our target group.


First experiments on our approach “Stop water with water”.


Prototype scale 1:2.
Packing size / Opening up at the scene / Locking mechanism of the cross connection / laying out the tube / filling the tube with water to fix the module to the ground / getting the next module


With this connection it is possible to install the elements in a straight line or at an angle of 45°. In addition to that the elements can be adjusted to different levels of elevation; for example to bridge a road curb.


Collaboration / Veit Penzenstadler / Christian Steffens